How it feels to turn 22

First thing that comes to mind is… life goes on

And then time seems to move quite quickly

The things you begin to appreciate are vast


The way light seeps through the window sill, onto the staircase, and trickles down like water

The way the palms stand, bend and sway but never break 

It’s all just beauty.  Pain too.  


For the palm to stand here today and the light to cast it’s glow, they both had to travel through time, endure changes, face obstacles

If there could be heart break for something as simple as light, it would be the pity of never leaving it’s burning ball of fire, to never cast its ever changing warmth upon our faces

For a palm it could be to never experience just being a seed, then one day sprouting up and up, only to endure the storms and winds that shape the way it stands now

The trees and the light, do we see more than they do?

We all have our gifts to give 

Life goes on

This is how it feels to be 22


Inspiration I love you so. 

You have helped me into a vast room where the spotlight shines bright upon my skin.

You have devoured my aches and pains.  Soaked me in glee. 

Just a taste, I crave more.  I crave for my soul to be lifted, moulded into art that flows through each moving breath, taking flight. 

Like fairy dust, falling from the stars into the dark sea that continues down, passing creatures of all kinds.

Down where there is no light. 

Still glimmering, settling on the worlds most kept secrets. 

Swirling in the darkness, only to be accompanied by what we may not know exists.